Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thank You & Update...

Friends, thank you for your prayers and encouragement, they are very much appreciated!!  You are all reflecting the love of God to me.  Let me tell you, God's love is amazing and so are you!  Sometimes it is hard to talk about my health issues.  I have been learning that not talking about these things can be a form of pride.  Humbling myself and seeking encouragement & prayer from brothers and sisters is a step in faith.  Having the opportunity to pray for one another is a blessing.  For starters it is another reason to come before the Lord.  The more time in the presence of the Lord the better, don't you think?  Second, we get to see the Lord work in that person's life which helps build our faith and theirs.  Third, we are loving our brothers & sisters by lifting them in prayer.  Its just all good!  Last night I  felt someone was praying because I had very little pain after eating my dinner.  Praise God!!!  It is so nice to get a break from the pain, even if it is just for a little while.

I went to physical therapy today, it was a good appointment.  Patty explained to me about the shots that I am going to have next week on Thursday.  I was relieved to know that they are not going deep; it is going to be under the skin, with lidocaine applied topically.  I can do that!  We worked at trying to pinpoint that left sided pain I get after I eat.  She got on it, but nothing she does releases it.  She did manage to get a burp out of me.  That means some of the food moved on through, but then the pressure builds up again and even more so if I eat again.  We also worked with my pelvic floor muscles which hurt like crazy.  Afterward, Patty explained to me with a visual aid about the pelvic floor which I was eager to learn about.  And she gave me exercises to do to help relax the muscles, since mine are in a constant spasm.  After the appointment I did some thinking and started piecing together my experience and things Patty and my endo doc have said.  It is such a gift to be able to understand.  Anyway, God blessed me with understanding today and I am thankful.  As for my pain with eating, it has been nagging at me all day.  I am hopeful about the procedure next week; hoping it will make a difference.

In other news Mark called the moving company and we have dates set for our belongings to be packed up and moved.  We have 3 weeks left here in California and we will be on our way to Colorado.  I don't know what to say about how we feel, all of us are a bundle of nervous energy.  Mark has stayed focused on what he needs to do to move his family, but now that we are getting closer to the actual move he is becoming more emotional.  It is hard for all of us to leave the comfort of what we know.  At times we think about what the Lord is doing and are amazed, but then that flesh kicks in and we are back to sniffing.  For myself, I am starting to focus more on our new home hoping I can make the house a home to comfort my men.  I have also been thinking that maybe this move will not be permanent, but that is ultimately the Lord's call.  For now, the thought comforts me a bit.


jAne said...

((gentle embrace))

walking alongside and praying,
jAne * tickleberry farm

fairmaiden said...

Praying for you dear one.

fairmaiden said...

A move is difficult if you are healthy but if you are not it is near impossible. I'm sure you must feel like God has given you too much right now. I did when we we're moving and I was severely ill. I kept saying 'Lord I know You don't give us more than we can handle but this is too much.' It was so hard to trust, but all I had was that...to trust in His unfailing love. He was faithful...I made it through that trying time knowing His love mercy,and compassion like never before. It was no longer understanding in my mind or even heart, I lived it...I knew/know His love like my lungs know oxygen. I am in Him and He in me, one, not alone, but together forever. It was worth it. He is worth it. You will grow more in love with Him as you live this life of experiencing His deep abiding love for you. It is true that we come to know Him in the fellowship of His suffering. He is with you, He knows your pain, He will not leave you there, He will bring you to a place of peace. He loves you more than we can comprehend. You are treasured by Him.

Chaos Cottage said...

Thanks for praying for me Becky. You are a sweet Christian lady. I am glad you are getting help for your pain.

Colorado, I know very little about it. But what I have heard is that it is very beautiful. I hope you will find that to be true and that you make new friends there.

Looking forward to hearing more about your health and your move.