Friday, January 8, 2010

My life with teenagers

It has always been a challenge to mother my two boys, but lately things have been extra rocky.  I am trying to be a Godly mother ministering Godly advice.  I point my boys to the Lord, trying to encourage them to seek Him.  I tell them what the Bible says and pray that they will commit their lives to Jesus.  Sometimes I see signs that they are leaning that way, other times I get discouraged.  Last night something happened to my oldest son that rocked his world.  I have to admit I was not too broke up that it happened.  For a boy that just turned 16 three weeks ago, he has been much too girl crazy for his own good.  He was trying to balance two girls at once and of course his grades have taken a nose dive.  Well, girl #2 found out about girl #1 and dumped him.  He did not seem too upset, but then last night he found out something that made him think that girl #1 was unfaithful.  This upset him terribly.  Thankfully, him and girl #1 have talked things over and decided they are not BF & GF any longer, just friends.  Whew!

My youngest son is not involved with girls, thank goodness, but he has his issues as well.  He does not handle stress well and has a set of behaviors that can be scary.  He tends to need lots of encouragement and understanding when he has his emotional outbursts.  Yesterday, he had one and I was blessed to remain calm.  He decided to go out for a run to burn off some steam.  While he was out some gang members saw him.  They told him to come over to their car, which he refused to do.  They followed him.  My son ran to a friend's house and hid in their garage till they were gone.  You see, about 2 years ago there was a gang related shooting at a park a little less than a mile from our home.  This is the area where my son went running.  Although we do not want to leave our Little Blue Cottage, I think the Lord has great blessing in store for us.

Tonight we are going to have one of the boy's friends spend the night.  This boy's parents divorced and it was ugly.  Many hurt feelings arose and it hit the family hard.  Yesterday this boy's mother went to the hospital.  They found she had an enlarged appendix, so she had to go in for emergency surgery.  Thankfully, they were able to do it laprascopically so she is up and about today.  She looked well and said she was feeling much better.  I am sure her son will find some comfort in being with friends while his mom recouperates.  I know it will be a blessing to have him with us.

FYI:  The information shared in this post regarding my sons has been approved by my sons.


Susan said...

I hope the sleepover went well! Becky, I commend you for doing so well with two teenage boys. That can't be easy. And I think the girlfriend thing would make it that much harder. I'll pray for wisdom for you in raising them to be Godly men ...

Candy♥ said...

Just stopping by to say Hi. Seen the new house pics...nice! Cant wait til you move in and decorate and show pictures :)

My son is turning 12 soon. I am not sure Im looking forward to him being a teenager in a few years LOL I was a terrible teenager (and I was a pastors kid!!!! Can you imagine!!!)

:) candy

fairmaiden said...

I've been going through the teenage, and young adult, trials too. So much drama...but the LORD is faithful.

Your sons will enjoy the safety you will find in Golden. My children loved the safety they felt when we lived in Belton, MO.

Becky said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments, they mean so much!