Monday, January 11, 2010

California Time

Sunday afternoon, the boys and I took a day trip which I called our So. California Tour.  We first enjoyed lunch at In & Out Burger.  What is more Southern Californian than In & Out?  After a delicious cheese burger and shake, we went over to Huntington Beach Regional Park.  It is a big beautiful park that holds a lot of good memories of our Cub Scouting days and summer days when I took the boys to the park to walk around.  Here below are two pictures I took in the park.

The bare branches of a tree against a winter sky.

This is a picture of the winding path in the garden.

After walking in the garden that is in the park, we went to the Huntington Beach Public Library which is right across from the garden.  The library is huge and I think it is one of the prettiest libraries I have ever seen.  It has a large water fountain inside the library and one outside.  Plus there is a big circular aquarium in front of the children's library.

Indoor water fountain.

Outside water fountain.  Such a cool study area for students.

A glimpse of the large circular aquarium in front of the children's section.

After browsing through the library the boys and I walked back through the park and then drove down to the beach.  Our favorite is Bolsa Chica State Beach.  It was expensive to get in, but it was worth it to see the sun drop down into the sea.

I took this day trip with the thought in mind that it may be the last time we do these things.  It is very sad to think such thoughts, but as I stood on the beach, I realized what a grand life I have had.  There have been so many precious gifts and I am the owner of treasured memories.  I pray that I will feel the same about my future life in Colorado.


fairmaiden said...

I hope you don't become too homesick for the ocean, like I did.

I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful library. Our libraries are so pokey small and over crowded. Though I do remember a library in Kansas that was huge and gorgeous, so you might find some beautiful ones in CO.

Only a few more weeks. Are you packing yet?

Becky said...

Hi Fairmaiden, thank you for your comment and support. Every one of us is stressed, there has been some family drama going on. Emotions all over the place. January has become our long goodbye. I am trying to gather important items to take on the plane with me. Otherwise, the moving company is going to pack us up on Feb. 1st. Feb. 2nd they load. Feb. 3rd A.M. we board the plane for Colorado. I just know I am going to cry.

Sue said...

What a lovely tour! The only place I have ever been in California is LAX! Your California is much nicer!

I am continuing to pray for you. My parents were both born and raised in Cincinnati, and all of their family was there. In their late thirties, when I was only one year old, they pulled up stakes and moved south for my dad's job. They both said in later years that they never regretted it. My mom had always said that she would never ever leave Cincinnati, but God provided, and they ended up being really glad about their choice. I pray that the same thing happens for you! said...

Great photos. Looks like a very fun day! May God bless your move and may many angels prepare the way before you.