Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise

This afternoon I decided to visit my favorite antique shop called Country Roads.  Amazingly I brought my camera along.  Originally I was going to go on a hike, but with the Santa Ana winds blowing I decided against it.  Going to Country Roads makes me remember my blog friend Candy who visited Country Roads last year on a holiday with her family.  Anyway, when I arrived the parking lot was full.  Hm, I wondered what was going on.  I had to go around the corner and park in front of Lemon St. Flats.

These quaint little apartments look like a picture from Europe.  I walked over to Country Roads and it seemed busier than normal for a Sunday afternoon.  Then I noticed this sign once I stepped in the entrance.

I stood in front of the sign and noticing the time I thought Rachel had surely come and gone.  But I was wrong.  As I walked through the store I finally came to the place where Rachel was signing her books.  I saw her very clearly.  There was a counter blocking the usual opening, I was not very far from her.  There was a huge mirror in back of her and I could see my reflection.  I went around to the door where you could line up to buy a book and have it signed.  I was much too shy to go up, plus I really do not have the money to spend on her book right now.  So I settled for these pictures.

I also took time to enjoy the store as well.



 After enjoying my afternoon I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items and then came home to my kitty who was sitting on the couch waiting for me.  I call Princess my Shabby Chic kitty.

7 comments: said...

what a fun and exciting day!!

Becky said...

Yes, it was! I know the Lord arranged it for me. I had the best weekend.

jAne said...

Oh boy, what a special surprise to see Rachel Ashwell! That shop is beautiful - all kinds of treasures tucked in here and there. What joy. :o)

Princess is a pretty sweetie-kittie.

jAne * tickleberry farm

Becky said...

Thank you jAne for your compliment of Princess. She unfortunately has feline respiratory disease which will eventually take her. She also has a fatty tumor in her tummy. She is such a trooper and I continue to tenderly care for her as she still has spunk.

Susan said...

Wow - that was an awesome day. The shop looks really neat, and how "seredipitous" that you would get photos of the author! I love kitty too :)

fairmaiden said...

Wow, what a wonderful suprise. I didn't get to go see her like intended but as you know I did get the book compliments of Shabby Fufu's giveaway. It is a gorgeous book and really has inspired me.

I love apartments like these...would be a sweet place to live. I can also see why that is your favorite shop. Love the name too!

Candy♥ said...

Why oh why could Rachel not be there last October when I was in that very store, traveling all the way from Canada to find an actual Shabby Chic store..which I couldnt find around Anaheim. Now I know I had to drive a little further. We will try to find one of her new couture stores when we go again this spring.
Lucky you though!!! :)