Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving in Action

When the boys come home from camping with the scouts, they usually bring home leftover food items.  Such as a jug of milk, 10 lb. bag of potatoes, a jar of peanut butter, chorizo, etc.  Oh, and last week, Mark brought home a bag of delicious tangerines from a friend at work.  This got me thinking about my blog friend Outdoor Mom who writes about free food she gets at her house.  Really it is a blessing from the Lord, a tangible way to see that He is indeed providing for us.  It is a cause for thanksgiving.

Now not everything that we get is "organic", but recently I read in 1 Timothy 4:4-5 "For everything God made is good, and we may eat it gladly if we are thankful for it, and if we ask God to bless it, for it is made good by the Word of God and prayer."  So this verse convinced me that everything I eat need not be entirely organic.  If God brings it may way and I am thankful for it and ask His blessing on the food, it is good to eat.

So I took the potatoes and milk the Lord provided and started making a pot of potato soup.

Then I used the peanut butter and made up a batch of peanut butter cookies, which I gave the boys as a snack when I picked them up from school.

We prayed over our meal and we are most certainly thankful for the Lord's blessing.  Hmm, next I will have to come up with a way to enjoy that chorizo.


jAne said...

Such a bounty to be enjoyed in such a tummy-warming fashion. :o) I love potato soup and I love peanut butter cookies, and both look so delish in your pictures.

Chorizo. Mmmm. I say take a little bit of it (freezing the rest for later) and fry it up with onions and potatoes with scrambled eggs on the side along with sour cream and orange slices. :o)

jAne * tickleberry farm

Becky said...

That sound terrific jAne, thank you!

Susan said...

Becky - I want your attitude. Seriously! (and I also wouldn't mind a peanut butter cookie :) said...

I am sooo proud of you!! You've got it goin' on girl!! You are so right. Give Thanks to God for whatever He gives, eat it in faith and He will bless it. Did i mention i am real proud of you?! Great job!! The soup and cookies look marvelous :-)

Sue said...

You are so right! I love the way you look at things. I also love potato soup and peanut butter cookies! My mom always made potato soup in the winter, so it's one of my comfort foods.