Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Lord Knows

Okay, the Lord knows me.  He knows me better than I know myself!  Why do I doubt?  It seems so silly to doubt the Lord, but that is what my flesh does.

This morning I woke up feeling exhausted even after a good night's rest.  The events of the week really have taken a toll on me.  The Lord knew and He planned a fantastic day of rest for me.  It was a beautiful crisp fall day today. The chill in the air made me want to take a nice warm bubble bath in the morning.  Later I had a chat with my best girlfriend.  In the afternoon I drove over to a shopping center that is in between two small lakes.  As I wandered through the outdoor mall I came to an opening where I could see colorful fall leaves against a blue sky and the lake beyond.  I did not have my camera so a missed photo op there. 

I have been asking the Lord to speak to me.  He has, but when I wandered into a bookstore I received confirmation.  I found a book by Anne Graham Lotz titled "Why?"  I could see that the Lord has a sense of humor.  Practically all I have been saying to Him is "why" and so He sends me a book with that title.  Another thought that the Lord has placed in my head is thoughts of Joseph.  First he was thrown into a pit by his brothers.  I really started to think about that last night.  Joseph kept calling to his brothers from that pit and they had no mercy.  How would I feel?  Unloved, that is how I would feel.  Can you imagine how he felt when they sold him as a slave?

I think of Joseph among strangers in a strange land.  He never let go of the Lord, even in adversity.  And then the dream God gave him finally came true.  And when that dream came true, God made it even better with the reconciliation with his family.  But it all happened in God's timing.  The trials and tribulations that Joseph endured made his connection to the Lord stronger.  Yes, I want to be like Joseph.  And while in the bookstore reading various books I even came across this message about Joseph confirming what the Lord had already laid on my heart.

After purchasing some books, I stopped at a French bakery to oogle at the goodies.  I left, put the books in my car and then noticed a bridge that led to a park.  The sun was setting as I crossed the bridge that a small stream meandered under.  Paths wound through the green grass of the park and beyond was the other small lake.  As I walked through the park, a chilly wind blew and I zipped up my sweather and brought the collar close to my neck.  I viewed the expanse of green grass and whispered to myself that Bun would like this park.  As I kept walking it seemed I was walking into the setting sun.  Another bridge lie ahead and as I went across it, the tops of the golden trees peeking over the bridge made me feel close to heaven.

On the way home I stopped at Panera Bread and bought myself a cheese danish.  I do not know why, but it seems like a good thing to have with a warm cup of tea on a chilly fall day.  Once home my kitties greeted me; I thank God for His ever present love and care.


jAne said...

What a perfectly delightful description of a snippet of your day, Becky. I felt as if I was there with you. Beautiful.

jAne * tickleberry farm

fairmaiden said...

I love days like that. When you don't want to be alone, and then HE shows you that you are not and leads you into HIS beauty. Oh How much HE loves us.