Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It has been hard to think about writing. I have been busy trying to get over this flu. Today, even though I felt weak, I went out and did some grocery shopping. I did not feel so good doing it, but I made it through. I had to take a nap afterward, but I was able to do everything I needed to do today.

Thanks to those that responded to my last post. Your words of encouragement and your prayers mean so much!! On Monday, Mark turned in the paperwork to accept the job in Colorado. Ever since he did that I have felt depressed. I do not want to leave. All of us are a wash of emotion. I keep thinking what I am leaving behind and uncertain what I will be gaining.

Also, there are feelings coming out regarding my extended family. As I have mentioned before on my blog, I am the only Christian in my family. So some members of the family are not sorry to see me leave. This hurts quite a lot. Even so, it is part of the process of drawing nearer to the Lord.


fairmaiden said...

This flu is draining you and that includes your emotions and it is normal. Try to rest and get well and leave all the worries and cares of the future upon Jesus. Remember that the LORD showed you in advance of this move and that you wouldn't be happy about it. He was good to prepare you. Trust Him. I understand not wanting to leave CA. 'your home'. Colorado is a state full of Christians which may be a huge blessing for your family. I think He has good things for you there. Begin asking Him in prayer...all your questions...if this is His will He will give you peace, if it's not the unrest will remain and He will let you know. YOu are never alone, He is with you and we are too. Love you, Fairmaiden

Becky said...

Fairmaiden, I am blessed by what you have said. Thank you so much for your good words to me. I struggled most of the day and even cried. Then tonight Mark was watching a travel show on Colorado. God opened my eyes to what I am going to receive from Him. What I received I am going to hold in my heart. It gave me excitement about His will for me.