Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Distraction #2

Pictures of Colorado in the Crested Butte area.

This morning I had to pick up a long time friend of my boys and take him to school. I have been around many of the boys' friends since they were little. I have watched them grow up right along with my boys. It has been a blessing to be able to be there for these boys. To give them a ride when they need it; to have them over to my house. I have memories of scouting events with them and camping trips. I've also been around to witness trials in their lives. When I leave California, I will miss these boys and their families.

So much emotion welled up inside me today. I was out running my errands and all the sudden while driving tears streamed down my face. Once I got home I cried some more. It felt good to get it out. I continued on with my day, but was struggling. Then tonight Mark had on a travel show about Colorado. The host was going through a little town called Crested Butte. All the sudden it hit me what the Lord wants to give me. I sat amazed and excited about what I saw on the TV.

This brought to memory a trip to Colorado. Mark and I took it before we adopted the boys. We stayed in the San Juan mountains. I remembered the slower pace, the beauty and the friendly people. We met an artist in one of the small towns and watched him blow glass. He was also a bow hunter and told us a tale of an encounter with a bull elk. I remember Mark and I didn't want to leave Colorado.

Through all this, the Lord has brought me peace about the move (at least for now). And not only peace, but excitement! Who knows, more emotions may rise to the surface, but tonight I am thankful to the Lord for His blessed loving kindness!


fairmaiden said...

Makes my heart happy to read this post Becky. That you are able to receive it now as 'something God wants to give you'. I am praying for you dear friend. And let the tears flow, they do so much you know.

jAne said...

Dear sweet Becky ~

Your news of a move to Colorado brought such emotion to my own heart and I'm not the one relocating! I totally understand the conflicting emotion you're experiencing and know it's the Lord Who brings peace to your heart.

Two families from our church have moved to Colorado in the last year. One to Colorado Springs and the other to Highland's Ranch area. Both families weren't wanting to relocate but have found their new location to be a blessing. I pray you and yours will experience the same thing.

I pray the Lord would go before your family to establish a home, medical care, church and friends. I pray His presence in your lives would make the process simple and smooth as you relish in His ultimate plan.

Praying for you <><

jAne at tickleberry farm

Becky said...

Thank you dear sweet sisters for your blessed comments. You are precious to me. ((hugs))

fairmaiden said...


I love to hear the trains too. One of my fondest memories from childhood we're my trips to Nebraska to visit my extended family. The trains are everywhere in the midwest and my grandparents live right next to the tracks. Then when we moved to Missouri the trains we're again a big part of that journey/memories...watching the trains while driving through Wyomming remind me of Out of Africa. You will like the trains in Colorado. The wide open land makes them more visible and the sound is even sweeter than here.