Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer at the Cottage

Flowers for my garden.

Next Saturday (Sept. 12th) will be The Little Blue Cottage's one year anniversary. I am not sure what one does in blog world for an anniversary. If you have any input on this let me know.

It is a warm summer night at the Little Blue Cottage and the music of Beethoven is wafting through the air. We had a nice summer dinner in our sunroom. Best of all, my stomach is not bothering me. Yahoo!

Here below are some recent pictures I have taken around the cottage.

The moon hiding behind some clouds.

Just thought this looked so pretty.

This is my Dusty kitty, she is my napping partner.

Here is Princess kitty in our sitting room.
That is her chair that she is sitting in.
The end table is an antique from my Grandparents.
I had it in my bedroom, but recently moved it into our living room.


Candy said...


fairmaiden said...

There is such weariness in being sick. All I know to do is cling to the hem of His garment. Remain in His Word and hold fast to all His promises...He loves you.

The music on your blog is my favorite of any other blog.

Becky said...

Thank you Fairmaiden & Candy. The Lord bless you both! Hugs.