Monday, September 7, 2009

Mishaps and Other Tales of Woe

Hope you all had a good Labor Day celebration. We did not do much. Eric got together with a new friend he met at high school. They went skateboarding together. Mark and Brandon went down to the archery range and hung with the guys and shot their bows. I ran a couple errands, but mostly hung around home resting.

It is a good thing that Mark and I canceled the colonoscopy scheduled for this week. I woke this morning with pain and nausea and it carried on all day. I have felt quite ill. Mark said "See, the Lord was leading us in our decision to cancel." I am so glad. The way I feel, it would be a big drag to have to down all that stuff for a bowel cleanse. Tomorrow I am scheduled to speak with my endometriosis doctor via phone consultation. We will see how the Lord leads.

To add to my tale of woe, I have been accident prone the past few days. One evening I sat down in the dining chair funny and ended up hitting my heel. That hurt enough, but at the same time I pulled a muscle in my back. Then the next day I dropped a glass bottle of soda on my toe. Ouch! It started to swell and my men quickly got some ice for me. I did not let my toe stop me from doing things I wanted. Mistake! That night I had a hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep with my throbbing toe. The only place I could manage to get comfortable was on the sofa. In the morning I woke with an extremely sore calf muscle, although the toe is better, I still can't walk normal. Sigh.

All in all, I was able to make a very nice Labor Day dinner for my men.

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