Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chit Chat

These are flowers that Mark gave me for our 26th wedding anniversary. Aren't they pretty?

Tomorrow my men are leaving for Boy Scout summer camp. My husband is in charge of the camp so he has been extra busy. I was able to help him a bit with getting folders together for camp. It always makes me happy when I can help. Mark surprised me when he told me he has made arrangements to leave camp for a day and come home. We get to spend some time alone! I am very excited!

Today I went for my ultra-sound. It went well, the technician was so nice and we had a very good chat in between holding my breath and the probe taking my breath away because it hurt a bit. After the appointment I was able to help some people find their way to the hospital.

We went out for dinner tonight. At the restaurant Eric ordered a big salad. He said he was going to finish it all. Well, he was halfway through the salad and he said he was full. Mark and I reminded him that he said he was going to eat the whole thing. Our waitress overheard our conversation and chimed in. She told Eric that if he finished the salad she would give him a nickel. We all laughed. Well, it worked! Eric finished that salad just to see if she really would give him a nickel and she did! LOL

Here is a picture of a sunflower I am growing. I grew this from a seed. I am always amazed when seeds grow for me. Anyway, the buds are coming out. I thought it would be fun to post pictures of it as it grows so you can see it bloom.

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