Sunday, August 2, 2009


My men left for camp this morning which filled my little cottage with quiet. I spent time with the Lord, but I feel like the phone line is dead. There are those times when it is like that. Not that the Lord is not speaking. The other day I got into my car, I turned on the radio and it was like the message was just for me. The clear message was "God is in control", "There is still hope" and "God is not finished with you yet".

Tomorrow my niece is coming. I am going to watch her while my sister is at work. It is just for one day. I pray that I can be an influence for good in her life. I also have an appointment with my ear specialist. I have been having terrible headaches and pressure in my ears. It has been going on for quite sometime. Taking Advil helps a little, but I have them everyday. I do not want to take that much Advil. The headaches combined with the tummy aches are really getting me down.

I watched a movie tonight called Sweet Land. I liked it. It is rated PG. Great photography, music and acting. Must scoot off to bed.

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