Wednesday, July 29, 2009

26th Wedding Anniversary

It has been 26 years since this picture was taken. Actually we live around the corner from the chapel we were married at. Back then, I never dreamed we would come through so much together. I am so thankful for the Lord's abiding love toward us.

The boys are out having fun with friends so I am alone at home. Both are going to be sleeping over at their friend's houses. Mark decided to take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate our anniversary. I am very excited to finally spend time alone with Mark. And it is especially wonderful because I can see the Lord's work in arranging this time. We are planning on enjoying dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant.


Susan said...

Congrats!!! You must have been a VERY young bride; I can't believe you have been married 26 years. Have a wonderful dinner!
By the way - enjoyed hearing about your pets. Any more sitings of birdie? I was intrigued that you had rats. I have heard they are great pets.

Rachel Smith said...

Happy Annivesary to a sweet lady and her dear hubby!

I am finally able to get caught up on some blog posting and some blog reading. I want you to know that even in my blogging absence you and your health have been in my thoughts and prayers.

I will do some back reading to see how you have been.

Becky said...

Thank you sweet Susan and Rachel for the anniversary wishes. ((Hugs)) to both of you!

KJ said...

Barry and I will be married 25 years this December. God has given us quite a testimony, too. We never know where this journey is going to take us, that's for sure. But, God has been constant and unwavering in His love for us.

Congratulations on your landmark 26 years! I love hearing what God is doing in your life!

Hugs, KJ

Becky said...

KJ, congratulations to you and your DH on 25 years!!! ((hug))