Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Weekend Fun

Saturday, I went out to do a bit of shopping. I was not feeling very well, but forced myself to get out of the house. I went meandering through streets I do not normally travel. It was nice to take in some new scenery. I finally arrived at TJ Max where I had fun looking through racks of clothing. I even tried on an outfit in their newly renovated dressing room (it was gorgeous and made me feel like a queen). Unfortunately for me, the skirt was too tight so I ended up not getting anything. But it was fun to look and dream. From there I went to the grocery store and picked up items needed. When I arrived home Eric had his friend James over whom we have known since the boys were little. And it just so happened that I picked up all the right stuff at the grocery store to have company.

Well, I was getting ready to make dinner and invited James to join us. The next thing I knew the boys wanted to have sleep over. So we got the air mattress out and I made up a bed for James. We really had ourselves a good time. We had huevos ranchero and spicey carrots for dinner and the boys had hash browns too. For dessert I made up little coconut cream pies. We stayed up late watching a movie and then we all crashed. The next morning Mark was up early and got the boys up. After breakfast Mark took James home and then we all went to church. Once at church my boys went to the high school meeting so Mark and I had some alone time. It was nice.

After church we drove out to the outlet mall. As we were driving out there through the golden hills, the boys were telling us it was supposed to be a hot day. It certainly was very hot at the outlet mall.

The Lake Elsinore Outlet Mall

When we got in the mall we were surprised because many of the stores were empty. Thankfully, there were enough still there to have a good time shopping. The Lord really blessed me! The CorningWare store was still there and I was able to pick up some dishes to add to my collection. I found a pair of sandals for $20.oo, and at the petite store the clerk told me about a special on some cotton tops. I picked up two of them for a total of $5.00! Afterward, we went out to lunch. It felt sinful to eat two chicken soft tacos, but I did it. (It feels sinful because I never know whether it will set off my tummy pain.) On the way home we stopped at Tom's Farm and I got some strawberries, peaches and cucumbers. After that Mark drove us home while the boys and I dozed off. Its been a lovely weekend.

My new cute sandals and cotton tops.


Chaos Cottage said...

Cute, cute cute! Love those colors!


fairmaiden said...

So cute. Love the sandels.