Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank you!

To those that responded to my last post, thank you very much!!! Your comments were so helpful, a gift from the Lord. The other night I was talking to Mark and telling him about the women I have met through blogging. As I told him, I began to realized what an incredible blessing you all have been. How the Lord has used each of you to help me. And I hope that I have been used to bless you as well. Isn't the Lord so good to us? Praise Him!

Well, your prayers have worked because my Brandon is getting better. Granted, he is still sick, but he is over the worst of it, I hope. Also, my father in-law is getting out of the hospital tonight. He got a blood infection from the procedure he had done in Arizona in May. They also found an abscess by his pancreas. His white blood cell count was sky high, but now it has gone down into normal range since administering IV antibiotics. Mark took off work today and drove out to see his parents who are presently in California to begin cancer treatment. Of course the treatment for cancer has been delayed, but at least my father in-law is getting good care now.

Lady Bird is still coming by. This morning I went out to turn the sprinkler on and she swooped down on me to say "Good morning!". I still feed her. Today she sat in the tree to be near me while I was on the phone on the back patio. I love her!

Eric is having a nice summer vacation so far. He has been chatting with friends on Facebook. He hooked up with one of his old teachers who had moved to Colorado Springs. She is out in California visiting and he got to have dinner with her and a group of his classmates. Today he went to an old friends' house and he is going to spend the night. This Saturday he is supposed to bike to the beach with the Boy Scouts and next weekend he is going hiking. I am so proud of him for all the good friendships he has made and kept over the years.

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Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

:) (((hugs)))
Yes the Lord is so good to us!
Glad things seem to be getting better in all areas.
Love Candy