Monday, June 15, 2009

Blogging and Asking for Prayer

Been thinking about blogging. Why do I do it? Should I quit? Etc. I have never been very sure what my blog is about. Some people have a definite direction or theme for their blog. Not me. As my subtitle says, I am writing about life from a modest little home. Sometimes I am happy, sometimes depressed, sometimes grumpy (I try not to write on those days). My blog is what is it is. It is not about popularity, it is not about looking good. I hope through my blog to touch other hearts for Jesus.

I am far from being a perfect Christian. Sometimes I am quite the hypocrite. At the same time I can be a complainer. Other days I am a huge all around brat. Praise God for Jesus and His shed blood! Because of Jesus I enjoy a relationship with the Father who is patiently molding me into something of lasting beauty. In a humorous worldly term: Everyday is a spa day with the Lord.

Last night I felt quite horrible and I thought for sure I would wake up full on sick. Despite all that, I woke up feeling alright. Granted I am not feeling my best, but well enough to accomplish all my tasks. I did need a nap in the morning and the afternoon to get through, but thank God for those naps! Mostly, I was thankful to be well enough to care for my poor sick Brandon who remained in bed for the 3rd day in a row.

Please if you could spare a prayer for my son and also for my father in-law. My father in-law is struggling with that kidney stone of his and cannot eat. He can only keep Ensure down and nothing else. He is also getting prepared to receive treatment for his prostate cancer. My sincere thanks to you for caring.


Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

Hi Becky!
I just opened my Google Reader to catch up on blogs. I just read this post and prayed for you, that God would lift all the burdens you are carrying and for the requests for your son and FIL.
I can soooo relate about wondering if I should quit blogging or not. Im sure that I think of it every week, seriously! A few days ago I was going to quit, I decided to close my list and diet blogs. But then I started playing around and decorating my main blog which is something I like to do (play around with making blogs) and so then I decided I liked my blog again LOL but I dont know what to blog about except for decorating and living simple. So I can sooo relate to the blogging thing!
Thanks for the comment today by the way. I just turned comments back on but not sure if I will keep them or not. See...I still dont know what Im doing LOL
(((big hugs)))

Sue said...

Dear Becky, I am praying for you and your family. Today my daughter was sick, so we've just been taking an easy day. I have been feeling my heart burdened for so many family members and friends today, in various situations and struggles. As Christians we struggle against sin in our lives, with heart issues as well as physical ones, but God is so faithful to hear and answer us as we lift up each other's burdens! I will be praying for you and your family as I go now to cook our supper.

Rachel Smith said...


Keep blogging! :) Your blog has a purpose. It is a view of you and your struggles and through it all and no matter what you are still trusting and depending on God for your strength and health. You are still running to Him and not from Him as many others have, realizing that His hand is in it all. You are an encouragement.

Praying for you and your family.