Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Things

First off, I want to lift up a fellow Christian blogger named Pam at Chaos Cottage. Her husband is looking for a job and needs our prayers. Check out her blog and please say a prayer.

I want to share about a recipe I tried to duplicate from my favorite restaurant Rutabegorz. They have a vegetarian stew that is so good. I made my own version which is easy and healthy.

Veggie Stew

1 - 26 oz. jar of spaghetti sauce (tomato-basil is good)
2 - 12 oz. bags of veggies (carrots, broccoli & cauliflower)
1 - 10 oz. bag of sliced mushrooms
2 to 3 sliced zucchini
3 stalks of sliced celery
1/2 cup of water
Season to taste with salt & pepper (or fancy salt like onion or garlic)

Throw all ingredients into a stock pot. Mix around, then let it cook till the veggies are tender. Do not worry if it seems there is not enough sauce. The juices from the veggies will change that as it cooks. When done garnish with some cooked chicken, cheese, fresh tomatoes and sunflower seeds. Serve with your favorite bread, or on brown rice or pilaf.

This is the plain version, believe me, it tastes better than it looks.

This is the same stew garnished with cheese & sunflower seeds.
If my boys will gladly eat this, it has got to be good. ;-)

Sharing this picture of a cute pink cottage that I happened upon last week. The diamond shaped window has a beautiful glass cross hanging in the window. I love the color pink and I love white picket fences. And it has a porch for sitting!

I also wanted to share this movie with you.

I remember seeing this on TV when I was in high school (30 years ago now). It made an impression on me and when I saw it at the grocery store for $9.99 I just had to get it. I think it is a good Christian movie.

Two other movies that I like are: The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio. I think Evelyn Ryan is very inspirational (beware of the cussing though). I also like the new Jane Eyre put out by the BBC and seen on PBS. I did not see it on PBS, but came across it at my local library and checked it out.

This is now my favorite version so,
I splurged and bought it at Barnes & Noble.
The version with Timothy Dalton is also available there,
which used to be my favorite next to the
version with Orson Wells.

Enjoy your summer!


Sue said...

That stew sounds yummy. My problem is that zuccini are expensive here, which is a shame, because I love them! I wonder what I could substitute. I have really been wanting to see the new Jane Eyre. I have seen a few clips on Youtube, and it looks very good. We have a second hand bookstore near our house that also sells used DVDs. I'm keeping my eye out for it!

Becky said...

Hi Sue, about the stew, I think eggplant would be tasty in this dish or even green beans. It is a versatile dish.

fairmaiden said...

Oh, I have not seen this version of Jane Eyre...I will have to look for it at our library. My favorite movie right now is 'A Room With A View'.

Sue said...

Yes, egg plant sounds like a great fit for this recipe, and it's pretty cheap here. I can throw in some green beans too! I finally got to see the new Jane Eyre movie over the weekend, and loved it. The actors fit the roles so well, and it followed the book very closely.

KJ said...

Greetings! I met you through a Canadian blogger who just happened upon my blog this morning. Her blog took me to New Zealand and then to you. I live in Orange County, too! I grew up in Long Beach. I am Christian and teach at a Christian Performing arts studio.

I have enjoyed perusing through your blog. I can see that we share many of the same interests.

Warmly, KJ

Becky said...

Sue, I am so glad that you got to see the new Jane Eyre and that you enjoyed it. Yeah!! I thought the same as you about it.

KJ, welcome! What a blessing from the Lord to have you here! Thank you so much for leaving a comment, I look forward to getting to know you.