Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chit Chat

Busy, is how things have been.
Exhausted, is how I feel.

Talked to my endometriosis doctor on Friday, going to try the Arimidex (which is used after breast cancer treatment to suck estrogen out of the body). Have to try it. My pain level is down and I have noticed I am able to eat more, but still something wrong in there. Might be able to live with it. Taking it on a month by month basis.

Went to my niece's graduation and party. My niece is a very accomplished young lady. Her parents (my sister) are so proud.

Got all my books ready for the book sale. We have lots of books. Hoping to make some decent money. Eric turned in his final project for my history class. It took a bit to get him to do a good job of it. He is so capable, but lacks effort. Sigh. Have to grade it and enter it into my books. Do my final write ups, etc. and submit the paperwork.

Mark & I took Brandon out to lunch and gave him his graduation present & card. He felt blessed. He has come down sick, so I am mothering him. I do not feel well myself, body aches and a bit of a scratchy throat. Going to need a nap.

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