Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is a picture of my boys cooperating and getting along.
I just had to snap this off, despite them saying "Mom!".
It was so nice to see them like this.

When I opened my freezer this evening I found the Invisable Woman from the Fantastic Four.
When she is cold she turns blue, when warm she is clear.
The boys have a tradition of breaking out their favorite toys when summer vacation begins, so when I see her in my freezer it is officially summer vacation.

This is something Eric built with Knex.
At the top is a ping pong ball.
When the ball is released it goes through the maze he has built.

This is Brandon with his army men.
He has always loved to put things in rows since he was a toddler.

I know, this is a very odd picture.
Actually, I am documenting my son's bad habit of not throwing
his trash away. Since I was going to take a picture he picked it up.

Here he is laughing after throwing the banana peel away.

We had a nice day.


Sue said...

It looks like summer vacation agrees with them! I love the banana photo -- proof that it happens at other people's houses too ;o).

Candy-Faith said...

Oh Becky! I loved these pictures :):) So fun :)

Chaos Cottage said...

Your boys look like they are having a fun summer. Thanks for your sweet comments at my blog. Thank you for your prayers. In this economy jobs are very hard to come by. Prayers are very much appreciated.