Friday, May 8, 2009

Struggling Along

Thank you readers for your sweet comments, they are very much appreciated. I hope to get some visits in with you when I am able. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you.

Thursday, was a day of resting. Lady Bird stayed in and she was quite content to do so. It seemed her play day really wore her out. She quietly stayed in her cage in the sunroom getting regular meals as we attended to our homeschool studies.

Today, the boys went to classes at the church school. I did my shopping that I needed to do and came home for lunch to attend to Lady Bird. I tried to take a picture of her on my shoulder. The quality is not very good and I did not want to use the flash so as not to scare her. She has grown quite a lot since we first received her into our home. Today she was very content to stay close to me. I even sat outside with her and she would fly up into the plum tree and then come back down to me. She did at one point fly up and visit a male sparrow and when he left she came back down to me. She also flew to my husband and loved sitting in his big strong hand.

In the late afternoon, Dusty kitty brought a big lizard into the sunroom. It was a zoo in that sunroom with two cats, two fish, a bird and a lizard. Then the rabbit came in too! The boys were thrilled with the lizard, but too scared to pick it up. I managed to grab it behind the head and we put it outside. Lately, my life has been centered around animals. I suppose I am fortunate, because it has helped keep my mind occupied.

For a few days I felt fairly normal, but just when I think everything is going to be alright, things take a turn. The past couple of days I have been uncomfortable. I get weary of having a feeling that I am sick to my stomach. It is not the normal feeling of nausea, but somehow it feels like nausea. Sometimes the feeling is strong, but I keep pushing myself along.

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