Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Great Outdoors

My men left early this morning. They went over to the church to clean up the shed full of scout equipment. After they left I fed the animals and went back to bed. A few hours later Lady Bird woke me with her chirping. I threw on some clothes and started my day with her on my shoulder. I decided to do some gardening among other things. Lady Bird would fly up in the trees and then come back down to me as I worked. There was a big black raven lurking about. I was washing up Lady Bird's cage when she left my shoulder and went into our birch tree.

The next thing I knew she was gone. I saw the raven up on top of the telephone pole pecking at something. I called for Lady Bird, but she did not come. I worried. I kept about my business of cleaning and gardening. I called for Lady Bird every so often. Then to my amazement she came! She landed on me and was chirping like crazy. I was so relieved that she was alive. I gave her a couple worms and a drink. Then she got into her bowl of water and gave herself a bath, dried herself a bit, perched on my shoulder and as I walked out the front door of our house, away she flew. A little later she came back and called. She would come down to me, then fly off, then come back. She seemed torn as to what to do, but then heeded the call of the wild. Maybe I will see her tonight.

Here are a couple pictures of what is blooming in my garden. I must admit that I am not a great gardener, but I do try. Below is a picture of my Amaryllis. I got them from my mother in-law who dug them up out of her garden before she moved to Arizona. She used to take wonderful care of them. She dug the bulbs up every season and carefully replanted them. Not me, I am a sloppy gardener, I think I am lucky that they are still alive.

This next picture is of my mini roses that I have managed to keep alive.

I had a bad spell last night, there is something going on inside my tummy. I did not fall asleep right away, too much discomfort. When I finally did, I tossed and turned and had weird dreams. I have skipped breakfast as I have no appetite. The unusual pain continues on today. I wish I could figure what is going on in there. I wonder where the Lord is leading me.


jAne said...

What type of bird do you have, Becky? So glad she came back and hope she comes back later this evening as well. There's no place like home. :o)

Your flowers are beautiful! The crimson red of the amaryllis is amazing. I love miniature roses (we have 3 bushes of those) and the lavendar alysum is so dainty and sweet. I've never grown amaryllis..I think the need to separate bulbs would drive me over the edge to not separating them at all. ;o)

So sorry your tummy is feeling punky. I'm praying. <><


fairmaiden said...

That is amazing how lady bird has come along. So wonderful that your family saved her.

Your gardens are beautiful. It helps to get out, doesn't it?