Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lady Bird's Play Day

Lady Bird spent the day outside today. She was content to follow me around the yard as I worked. I had one of the boys bring out a bowl of water for the rabbit to drink and as soon as we set it down, Lady Bird jumped off my shoulder and into the bowl. We all witnessed her first bath. It was really amazing! She just loved that water. Then we all watched her dry herself. After her bath she flew off to be with her friends. She was gone for quite awhile and the boys were so worried about her they went walking and calling for her. Mark comes home for lunch and after eating our lunch I walked him out to his car and said goodbye. After he left Lady Bird saw me and flew over to me. It is the neatest experience having a wild bird fly and land on you. I fed her some bugs as she was hungry. She rested for awhile, spent some time on my shoulder playing in my hair and then she was off again. She did not come back for a long while and we thought maybe it was goodbye time. In the evening the boys were sad that she had not come home. As I stirred a batch of pudding at the stove, I had little tears rolling down my face. Finally at dusk we heard a bird calling that sounded like her. We followed the sound to our neighbor's big tree and there she was high in the tree. She finally came down and was she ever excited and feisty. We fed her and then put her in her cage where she settled down to quietly sleep with her head tucked under her wing.


CeramiquesDeCherie said...

Becky, I am loving following this story. It is so neat.

Jenn said...

My boys are always wanting to catch a bird as a pet, and here you have one as a friend! Your blog is such a peaceful place, I just wanted to say "hi" from my little yellow cottage.