Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today we had our interview at the high school and it went very well. Our humble thanks to all who prayed for us. The principal was impressed with my sons. He said that he could not tell us that we are in and he explained why, but we should get a letter next week letting us know. The feeling was that if he could he would tell us we are in. We celebrated with ice cream afterward.

Lady Bird is still visiting us. Brandon has been the one feeding her most these past two days. I did get to be with her this evening. She sat on me for a bit and she pecked my jewelry, she likes sparkly things. Sometimes I cry when I think of her. I just want to scoop that little bird up and hold her forever. She is like a bit of Heaven.

My father in-law had his procedure done. They got a stint in and the kidney is draining, but they were not able to get the stone out. So he has more procedures to go through, but he has decided to continue with that after the cancer treatment is done.

I took some more hormone today, I did not want to be dragging for the interview. After taking it my spots of endo flared up. At least I know where the endo is. Only problem is the spot at the vaginal cuff. My endo doctor told me he will not do surgery there (too risky). God knows and His grace is always sufficient. I have decided that I am going to try Arimidex for the pain. Right now, we do not see an open door to scheduling surgery.

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