Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Okay, I have a confession to make, I cheated today. I could not stand the upper, in-between the shoulder blades, nagging back pain anymore. I know that pain, it comes on me when I do not take hormones. So today I treated myself to 10 mg. of DHEA. The good thing about taking DHEA is that it tends to go more down the androgen path on me. A few hours after taking it my upper back pain was better, I had clarity of mind, cheery mood and energy. Ahhhh! I was energetic enough to do some decorating for Memorial Day. Here are some pictures.

After I picked Brandon up from school we went over to Panera Bread and had a pumpkin muffin and a cold drink. We had a great time together. With me not taking hormones my mood has been a bit down. It was nice to feel perky enough to take my son out for a treat.

Can you believe it, summer is nearly here? I feel like this school year went by incredibly fast. Only 3 more weeks of school left for us. They are going to be busy too.

I saw Lady Bird today and fed her about 4 times. She would land on me, but she would not come inside today. It makes me sad that she has become so frightened. When she lived with us she was more relaxed and happy, now she is jumpy and constantly watchful. She lives in fear of predators. I know she feels safe with me and I wish I could shield her from all harm, but she has to be a free bird. She shows up with another female bird, they seem to be pals. I am glad she has a friend.


fairmaiden said...

Pumpkin muffins from Panera are my favorite! I go there just for them.

Your cottage looks pretty.

Becky said...

Thank you Fairmaiden! You inspired me. I usually do decorate for Memorial Day, but for some reason this year I was not thinking of it until I visited your blog.

jAne said...

Fairmaiden inspires many a lady with her gift of decorating and gentle ways. :o)

I think I'll do a bit of decorating too. I have a few things to bring out and I've procrastinated terribly.

I'm thankful a bit of Rx has helped you in various ways. ((hug))

So sweet that Little Bird came to visit and sup with you a few times, Becky. It must be so hard for you to let go. As ladies we sure attach ourselves, hm?


Becky said...

Thank you jAne, I am so blessed by your comments.