Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Empty Cage

Lady Bird's cage sits empty at night, I have not had the heart to put the cage away just yet. I miss her quiet little night time cheeps. She visited me quite a bit on Monday. Since I put the bird seed out the sparrows are always at my house. Lady Bird blends in with all the other birds so well it surprises me when she flies out from them. Other times she calls me, but won't come to me. Monday I brought the containers of meal & wax worms out to her and that suited her just fine. She sat in the tree or she would come down on the grass to eat. She has breakfast, lunch and a mid-afternoon feeding. At the mid-afternoon feeding she will fly right to me as soon as she hears my voice. Sunday we had a good afternoon visit, she was content to rest on my shoulder while I went about my business in the kitchen. She nibbled at my hair. Monday she came in the sunroom for a visit, but the boys were being a bit rowdy so she did not stay long. I am blessed that she is doing well, it comforts my heart so much.

Monday evening the boys found a baby raven (a big baby too, big enough to fly, but seemed a bit weak). Eric was thrilled to have it perched on his arm. In the morning I noticed the ravens were quite active and I saw them chase a hawk out of the area. Hmm. Anyway, my boys brought this baby raven home, but I had to draw the line. I decided Eric should put it in a quiet spot. As he was carrying it two adult ravens were following him. One of them swooped down on him. We placed the baby in the quiet spot. Eric went to check on the baby after a trip to the library, but the baby was gone, so hopefully it was reunited with its parents.

Mark got a call from his mother letting him know the latest news about his father. The doctor that he was working with quit the practice and so his case got taken over by another doctor. My father in-law is having a procedure done on Wednesday to break up a stone that is blocking his kidney. Right now the kidney is not functioning properly because of it. I know this weighs on Mark's heart, but even so he has a happy countenance for us all.

I have been doing alright, but having trouble with being tired during the day. At night I can fall asleep on the sofa, but for some reason when I get in bed I lie awake. I think the pain and menopausal symptoms have me messed up. I feel I am lagging behind in too many areas or just barely keeping up. Sigh.

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