Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lady Bird Came By

I was up early this morning listening to the sounds of birds. I went out on our back patio and curled up on the green monster sofa with a blanket. After a bit Lady Bird appeared chirping at me like crazy, only she would not come to me. She wanted to and would make an attempt, but then she would fly off. I comforted myself with the thought that at least I knew she was alright, but could not help shedding some tears. After awhile, she came back again. This time she finally landed in our birch tree and Eric went over and got her. She was very hungry and tired. She slept on my shoulder for awhile and then she was ready to fly again. About lunch time she came back and she again was not sure, but then returned and came right to me. She was so hungry that she was eating the worms right out of the tub herself. It was cute. She slept on my shoulder for awhile and then she was off with her friends again. She is gradually going wild, little by little.

I want to thank Fairmaiden for her comment on my last post regarding public school. Thank you for your kind and comforting words they mean so much. This week on Thursday our family has an interview with the principle at the public high school the boys want to attend. Today I am spending some time getting their records together. Please pray that the interview will go well and that the boys will be able to attend. Thank you so much everyone!

Otherwise, I am spending the day at home resting, seems I had a bit too much fun roller skating. I have to admit, it made me feel like a kid again. When I was young my favorite thing to do was roller skate. I remember the days when I could not wait to get out of school so I could go roller skating. I started in elementary school with the skates that attached to your shoe and you tightened them with a key. Then I moved up to the kind with a white boot and metal wheels and then finally the urethane wheels. I kept skating up through high school and a bit into college. Now my boys love to roller skate. Brandon has his own pair of in-line skates and is like me when I was young...can't wait to finish his work so he can skate. LOL Eric says he wants a membership to the roller rink. Hmmm, that will be a good birthday gift I think.

Brandon and me at the birthday skating party.


CeramiquesDeCherie said...

God is so gracious that he would even wean your own heart gradually as he weans the bird towards his true calling. I know that you are blessed because the Lord chose you to care for his smallest creature and you did so with such a pure and gentle heart. I have enjoyed the stories so much about lady bird. Someday I may share why but for now each post has been a joy to read and I thank you for sharing. Just as the Lord allowed you to care for this bird, he is going before you to care for you and your sons regarding their school as well. Blessings in abundance to you Ms. Becky.

fairmaiden said...

Your welcome sweet Becky. I will be praying.

I am so happy lady bird came home. I'm so glad she let you know she is alright.

I too was a roller skating pre-teen...I think I went every weekend. About 7 yrs. ago me and my girls bought shoe skates and skated together down the bike trails. It was so fun. And we went a few times to the roller rink. I think it's time to go again. Thanks for reminding me.

Rachel Smith said...

I also was a roller skating pre-teen and teenager. I was at the rink every Friday night with all of my friends. It was so much fun! Good memories. My kiddos have made a few attempts at skating. They just aren't too good at it yet. We have lots of falls and laughs at how ridiculous everyone looks trying. They are still just a little young.

I am so glad that your bird is alright. I have two cats that I have just recently allowed to start going outside. They use to just sit at the doors and cry this loud- ear curling cry. I decided to let them out one day. I was so nervous that they were going to get lost in the woods or hit by a car. But... they didn't. Now they go in and out all of the time. They play in the woods most of the time. I open the back door and call them in. They meow back to me and come running. I actually like it better, my litter box is not so bad anymore. They go outside! :) They are also extra cuddly when they come home. Now, both of them sleep right next to me during the night.

Sue said...

Oh, I'm so glad that lady bird is safe, and still remembers her sweet caretakers! I used to love roller skating too! I felt really old the day I realized my kids didn't know what roller skates were ;).