Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Night Without Lady Bird

I am getting a little teary writing this post. Today was a busy day for us. My men went to Scout-O-Rama early this morning. After they left I fed Lady Bird and then let her outdoors. She came back for lunch and was very hungry. After a bite to eat she left. My men came home for lunch and shortly after that we went to my niece's 13th birthday party at the roller rink. We had a grand time and I enjoyed skating. (I still have a bit of spunk left in me. LOL) After the skate party we stopped by home, I called for Lady Bird, but she did not come. We gave the kitties a bite to eat, put the rabbit in her hutch and then left to join family for dinner. We came back about 7 pm. Lady Bird is usually in bed at dusk. I called for her, but she did not come. Now it is dark. I am hopeful that I will see her in the morning. I hope she is safe where ever she is.

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fairmaiden said...

I hope that lady bird comes back. But I think she is fine, just enjoying the life of a bird in the wild probably. Of course I don't mind that you copied the bird of the sparrow off my blog...I found it at

Your gardens are lovely. I am glad you had a good chat with your Doc and that he may do surgery. That sounds better than all those drugs. The LORD will show you what to do. I understand about the school changes for your boys. My daughter is doing really well in public school. She has more of a sense of purpose. Homeschooling can feel a bit isolated. She likes being in school with other students and having teachers. She has more confidence and is more focused now. The LORD is with her. And He will be with your boys. I remain involved in her schooling and am still the greatest influence in her life. Praying for my kids is the most important thing I can do.