Friday, May 15, 2009

Lady Bird Update, Etc.

I have been putting bird seed out in our backyard to attract birds. This morning Lady Bird heard the sparrows and was ready to join them. She barely ate any breakfast before she was off with her friends. She is starting to spend more time outdoors. I keep telling myself it is a good thing because that means she is finding food and fitting in. She still comes home when she wants something. She flies into our backyard and calls to me. At times I feel I do not want to let her go, but I've decided true love will let her be free. I am thankful that God has let me take care of this little sparrow, it has been a wonderful blessing.

I do not know why, but exceptionally good days with my bowel are always followed by bad days. Tonight I am having that nausea feeling and pain. I keep hoping that this will go away, but it doesn't. I am afraid to have another surgery. When I had the surgery to reconnect my bowel I was very nervous. I remember when I signed the paperwork at the doctor's office my hands were trembling. I moved forward because I believed it was God's will. This time I am unsure.

Our calendar is full. The next few weekends are booked up, and the end of school is fast approaching. Before I know it summer vacation will be here.

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Chaos Cottage said...

I love reading about your sweet bird. I think I know exactly how you feel. Praying for your health. Have a good weekend.