Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful spring day here in sunny Southern California. There was a cool ocean breeze to go with our day. Lady Bird wanted to go flying early in the morning. She came home for a bit of lunch and then went back out. In the afternoon I did a little bit of gardening while the boys sat on the porch and read books. I took some random pictures around the cottage that you might enjoy.

After our nice time on the porch we started moving furniture. The boys got the green monster sofa out of the house. We put it on the back patio for now. After sweeping floors, washing baseboards and whatnot, Eric and I sat on the sofa outdoors. It was actually very wonderful to sit out there with the cool breeze blowing on us. The rabbit jumped up on the sofa and we had fun petting her. We just enjoyed each others company while Brandon was having fun on his Facebook account.

Lady Bird came home around the same time that Mark did. She was one tired little birdie. She fell asleep perched on my arm. It was so cute! Mark took me out for dinner so I did not have to cook tonight. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant which was an extra wonderful treat for me because my tummy has been having an exceptional good day. Yipee! Afterward, we went over to my brother's to pick up the sofa. We had fun visiting for awhile and then we went on home and got the new sofa inside the house. We really like it. The color is perfect, it really brightens up the room and actually makes our tiny living room feel bigger (I wish it really was, but oh well).


jAne said...

So many things...

lOvE your garden pictures, Becky. I'd love to stop by and sit on that monster couch for a chat and iced tea. Yes, I think I just invited myself! ha.

How sweet it was that your little birdie took a nap while perched on your arm. Tender moment, I'm sure.

I'm thankful you had a good day and able to get out for supper..but so sorry that a poor day followed. Praying for you, for wisdom and discernment as to what to do in the future.

I love your blog. :o)


jAne said...

one more thing...

I don't know what your living room looked like *before* your new to you couch, but I sure like how it looks in the picture you shared. I love white. Very calming.