Friday, May 22, 2009

Enjoying the Quiet

After dropping the boys off at school I came home to a quiet house. I set myself down on the green monster on the back patio. The weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold. A soft ocean breeze blows. Here is a picture of the "Redneck" sofa with my rabbit companion.

Bun loves to snuggle. She jumps up on the sofa when anyone is nearby, letting us know she is ready for pets. I slipped her a few blueberries, her favorite treat. Lady Bird stopped by for a bite to eat. Here is a picture of her friends busy at the bird feeder I have made.

Tomorrow we are going to our local memorial park to place flags on the graves of persons who served in the military. It is something we do with scouting. We have been doing it since the boys were little. Also, Corrie ten Boom is buried in our memorial park. I have been bringing flowers for her that past few years since finding her grave. The Lord used Corrie in an amazing way, read about an awesome story of forgiveness here. There is also a ceremony that we attend on Memorial Day at the memorial park. Mark and I have been going since before we received the boys. We have a tradition of getting donuts in the morning, the boys love that. This year we are planning on riding our bikes to the ceremony which should be fun.

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Chaos Cottage said...

I think I have read about three of Corrie's books. What an awesome Christian lady.