Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chit Chat

Here is another installment of Chit Chat. I think I will use this title as my signal for an update. Okay, the update...yes...sigh...hubby is sick, so sick that he has decided to stay home from work. Unfortunately, in the morning he will not be getting much rest. We have to take our van in for an oil change, tune-up, etc. So that means hubby will have to follow me in his massive Dodge truck (which I refuse to drive) over to the dealership. Then we have to drop Dusty kitty off at the vet for her "Fur" appointment (people have hair appts., kitties have fur appts.). Then we have to take Eric over to the orthodontist for a tune up on his braces. After that DH will be able to rest a bit, but with the boys being home for studies, I do not know how that will work out for him. We do not have a basement nor an upstairs. We just have our cozy little cottage where we all live out loud with one another. ;-)

Brandon is back to his regular "non-throw-up" self, PTL. Eric who felt horrible on Sunday, is back to his self. Me? Well, I am not as sick as Mark, but I had the body aches for a couple days. I do not have my spunk back all the way yet, I run down quite easily. Even so, I am trying to keep up with my schedule. Good news though, my tummy is doing quite well. I ate steak for Memorial Day and it went down just fine. Tonight I ate a pasta dish with shrimp and that went down fine too. You do know, that after saying this...nooo, the Lord is in control and I must not think that way. ;-)

At the end of this week I need to pack. I am going to try to attend a memorial service for my uncle up north. I am going to hitch a ride back to my hometown (where I was born) with my sister. Lord willing this will happen. I just keep hoping that my health will hold out. If I get as sick as Mark, I will not be going. If I do go, we will be going to the Buddhist temple where I will participate without compromising my Lord.

My father in-law, went into the hospital on Memorial Day. As you might remember from a previous post I mentioned that he is ill with prostate cancer. They tried to remove the stone that is lodged in one of his ureters, but it did not budge. So they need to do another procedure, but my father in-law decided to wait till after the cancer treatment. They were however, able to put a stint in to drain his kidney. Well, since doing that he has been in pain. It has upset his bowel and he is currently in the hospital. Since hearing the news Mark's cold took a turn for the worse. Anyway, things here have been a bit stressed.

As for Lady Bird, she is still coming by to visit. I spent quite a bit of time with her today. She would sit in the tree and nap while I stood and watched her. Sometimes I wish I was a bird and could get up on the branch and sit next to her like I see other mommy birds doing with their babies. I am just thankful that I get to see her everyday.

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