Monday, April 27, 2009


Today Mark brought me these flowers when he came home from work. It was such a lovely surprise! It really meant so much to me because the past few days I have been struggling with pain and bowel troubles. Even so I am trying to keep up with my homekeeping duties. I am behind after being on Danazol. Below is a picture of the baby bird which I have named Lady Bird.

We have had her a week now and she has been a joy even though it takes a lot of work to keep her fed. She has fattened up and the bald spots have filled in with feathers. She is full of spunk and hops around her cage happily cheeping at us. She has taken to flying about at times, but needs a little work on landing.

Today was a busy day of homeschooling, laundry and cooking. Last week the boys had SAT 10 testing so there was not much school work to be done. Good thing I tried the Danazol last week. Today I needed to be teaching and I am thankful that I am back to my regular self so that I can teach. Below I am sharing pictures of what I cooked for dinner hoping it will help inspire you in your cooking.

Here is a lovely pot of Red Beans.
They were served with brown rice.
(The recipe link says to use "kidney" beans, I use "red" beans instead.)

A lovely green salad.

Some garlic bread I made up.

For dessert we had Butter Pecan ice cream.
Happy meal making!


Rachel Smith said...

Hey! Sorry, I haven't stopped in for a while. I was sick and just had no desire to be at the computer.

I am praying for you.

Your meal looks delicious. We like red beans and rice in this house too. We add little smokie sausages to ours.

CeramiquesDeCherie said...

Hey Becky, sorry to throw this here but I really wanted you to get this. I am glad that you went of the meds but still think you should tell your doc about it. I was doing some research last night for my own ails and came across this ebook and really wanted you to read it. Maybe something in it can help you too. Sorry I dont know how to make the link smaller and this is not spam. It was something dropped into my lap last night so to speak. Hope it helps a tad.

Candy-Faith said...

Everything looks lovely :)