Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank You!

Hello dear readers, homeschooling was a bit rough today, so not feeling witty enough to post something special, but did want to thank you all for your lovely comments to my last few posts. Your support and prayers are very much appreciated!

Haven't had much pain the past two days, but I am having issues with pressure. It is a really odd feeling and it wears me out. In other news, Lady Bird has taken to flying about the sunroom. She lets us know when she wants out by doing a little side step dance in her cage. When we open the door she flies around the room. She is getting better at landing. Today I left the cage door open while I turned to get her a worm. She flew out and landed on the buffet where I keep the worms. She is a smart bird! Tonight she flew out of the cage and landed on my shoulder and was content to just sit there. I cannot believe how fast our happy bird is growing.

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