Tuesday, March 3, 2009


What a day it has been so far. Mark's truck was dead this morning. He gave it a jump start with my car and then took off for work. Not far from home the truck died on him. So he walked home and asked the boys to help him push the truck over to a curb. It is parked around the corner from our house waiting on him to fix it. I had to drive him to work, come home, get the boys ready for school and then take them to school. Later, I will have to pick up Brandon, run some errands, pick up Eric and then Mark. On top of all that my tummy is acting up.

Things have been tense at Mark's job. He admitted to us that things do not feel stable at work. He has been working longer hours which makes it harder for him to homeschool the boys in math. We have been blessed that we could send the boys to private school. Spirit Academy is a school that combines homeschooling with on campus classes. I have enjoyed the closeness homeschooling has brought to us as a family, but now things are such that we can no longer afford it financially.

Since this situation has come up we decided the boys will have go to public school, only we wanted them to go in a different school district than the one we are in. A friend of ours told us it was going to be hard to get a transfer. Well, Mark talked to the school district, filled out the paperwork and we got a call last week that our transfer was ready for pick up. Mark came home with it on Monday, all signed and ready to go. It went through no problem (God's blessing). With the money we will save by not having the boys in private school, we will be able to afford getting Brandon the braces he needs to fix his teeth. Right now his back molars are locked and will not come up unless we get those braces. So far 2009 is off to a rough start.

Last night I took a walk and thought on all the things we are facing. I felt overwhelmed. When I got home I checked email and noticed one from a friend with "Universe" in the subject. It was one of those Power Point forward things and I could not believe the timing on it. It was about the universe and how huge it is. It was basically saying here is this big universe that God has created and runs and you think your problems are too big for Him to handle. Yes, I needed that!


fairmaiden said...

One of my favorite scriptures is in the Psalms about not fretting. It always helps me to rest in God's faithful keeping.

Someone at our church on Sunday morning got a word from the LORD...The persecution that many are facing right now is that 'you are receiving your crown.' I hope this encourages you. Remember He knows our sufferings and His reward is with Him.

Rachel Smith said...

I know from experience that in times of trouble and uneasiness our head knows the answer is to trust in the Lord but... it so hard to get that into the heart. You have to give this to the Lord and leave it with him; don't pick it back up on your shoulders when you finish your prayer. It is sort of an easier said than done thing. I am speaking from my own personal experience. I have done this waaaaay too many times myself. Praying for you. Enjoy your day!

Candy-Faith said...

Hope today is a better day than yesterday!
Here...we are sick with the flu :(

Becky said...

Ladies, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am so blessed!