Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today it felt like spring, temps were in the upper 80's. My birch tree pictured above does not look so bare anymore. I took this picture while lying on the ground. I remember doing that as a girl and I did it today. There is some kind of freedom about lying in the grass looking up at the sky. The warm sun shining down on me. Then my sweet rabbit came up next to me and we snuggled in the grass. I like the feeling of being in love with God and His creation.

Well, my men arrived home in the late afternoon, along with their dirty laundry. They said the camp was perfect. There were enough patches of snow that the boys had tons of fun sledding and throwing snowballs at each other. There was a pond for them to play at and everything was green. I wish I could have gone, but it was best for me to stay home with the kind of pain I have been in.

My alone time was much needed. I did not get lonely. Usually I have some one to visit or something to do. This time I made no plans. I was in too much pain to do much and I feel the pain ate into my time. Have you ever been in so much pain your vision is a bit blurry? Well, that is the kind of pain I am in. Saturday evening the pain let up enough that I fell asleep on the sofa, which felt really good considering that Friday night I did not sleep much.

The weekend was quiet. I waited on the Lord to speak to me. This morning I heard the still small voice that always hits the mark. I posted on Hopes and Dreams about Psalm 37. This Psalm and the commentary on it in my devotional hit the spot. He is in control and HE will make all things right at the appropriate time. This is what I need to hear to give me strength.

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Candy-Faith said...

Thats a lovely photo Becky!
My family and I miss California. We really liked it there. We were even saying the other day that maybe we should go back there every year for vacation instead of going to different places. We had the best time there. And maybe next time I can meet you!!!! :)
I would love that.