Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Better Day

We had some warm days that felt like spring, but today it was cold and rainy. I love the beautiful clouds that are around when it rains. I had to take a picture of them.

Today was a better day. All turned out well with Mark's truck. It was only the battery that needed replacing. Whew - Praise God! Last night I was really very tired and I fell into a deep sleep. Mark left for work early and he kissed me goodbye, but I fell right back to sleep. I did not wake till after 8 AM and I realized I needed to take the kitty in for her fur appointment. So I jumped out of bed, woke the boys and we took Dusty kitty to the vet for her bath.

Today was a very busy day, full of homeschooling, cooking, cleaning and laundry. Even so, the boys and I had some blessed times of fellowship. I am enjoying our time together because I know next year it will be no longer.

Today I was going through a basket of books I had been holding close to my heart after my near death experience. This basket has been neatly tucked away in its spot and it made me realize how much time has slipped by. In the basket was a devotional with writings by Oswald Chambers. I had a particular page bookmarked which really spoke to me today. It was something I really feel that the Lord has been teaching me through all this long trial I have been going through. I am still learning it, but I feel because of the trial I have made progress. Progress I would not have made otherwise. You can read this special message titled "Visions and Darkness"at Hopes and Dreams.

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Sharon said...

I love to read Oswald Chambers writings.