Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Recently, I happened upon a Sear Essentials that is going out of business so I stopped by and picked up some curtains. I got a good deal. I was eager to see the new curtains up so this morning after a good night's rest, I took down what was in the windows and threw all into the washer. It is so nice to have clean curtains. Above is a picture of one of the pairs of curtains I bought at Sears all washed, ironed and folded. I am going to use them in the kitchen when summer comes. Aren't they pretty?

This is a picture of the plates I hung up in my dining room. I took down my Friendly Village plates and put these up. A touch of spring. Here below is my dining table all dressed up.

I have not felt well lately, some kind of virus I think. It has my bowel a bit messed up. I feel sluggish and get tired out easy. I sat down on the sofa to rest and fell asleep sitting up. Below is a picture of my Dusty kitty enjoying the warm spring sun.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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Rachel Smith said...

Beautiful curtains. I love that style!