Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, this weekend alone did not go anything as I thought it would. Instead I was not feeling well and stayed home. Saturday evening I hurt my back somehow. I was in need of a back rub something awful, but being alone there was no one to rub it. Instead I tried one of those hand held vibrating massagers, but it did not cut the mustard. Sunday morning I stayed home nursing my back watching church services on TV. In the afternoon I received a call from a girlfriend and we had a wonderful time chatting. I noticed after we hung up that my back wasn't hurting so much anymore. Hmm? Was it good conversation or Advil? I only took one Advil, so I am thinking maybe good conversation? Nothing like a woman to woman chat.

I looked out the window and there were my men pulling into the driveway. They were home and happy to see me. Even though they drive me nuts, I sure did miss them. The boys excitedly told me all that they did. They shot rifles, they did archery, they built camp fires, etc. Eric won a blue ribbon in knot tying. They were in an Iron Chef competition and won 2nd place! Lots of wonderful things to bless my soul.

I also received another blessing. Please go to my Hopes & Dreams blog and check out my latest entry.

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Rachel Smith said...

Sounds like God turned a not so good day into a wonderful day filled with blessings! I enjoy when we get so much more than what we expect!