Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, tonight I am beginning to feel like myself after cocktail hour at the hospital. I am jokingly referring to the meds they gave me to sleep through the endoscopy. My sister told me that an endoscopy is easier than a colonoscopy, she is right. Okay, good news is that they did not find an ulcer. In the report I received it says they found 1 cm hiatal hernia and scattered red/orange patches in the area of the hernia. They took a biopsy of the patches. He suggested possible short segment Barrett's esophagus, but not definite about it. I did ask for them to test for endometriosis, but I do not know if they will do so. I will find out more when I see my bowel doctor next week. The gastroenterologist did say that where I am complaining of pain is a tough spot to decifer. He said that stomach, bowel and small intestine all converge right there, so they try to eliminate things.

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