Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sorting Things Out

When I was at the doctor's office last Thursday I asked for copies of all the tests I have had recently. They gave me a copy of everything that was in my file from the past 6 months and there was a lot of stuff to go through. Just this morning I finally sat down and read the x-ray report of my small bowel. It says that there is a slight deformity of an irregular duodenal bulb, but there is no definite ulcer crater. And there is asymmetry at the base of the bulb with attenuation of the inferior fornix. I tried to figure it out through looking on-line. All I could understand is that there is a normal protruding part of the intestine just after the stomach (it looks like a bulb), but mine is deformed (at the base). And there is some thinning of the arch that surrounds the bulb. It also said that my stomach filled well and there is normal movement, but that the folds in the stomach are markedly diminished (which means my stomach is not expanding well). The radiologist says that the irregular movement of the bulb due to its deformity is connected to the decrease in the rugal folds of the stomach (so that is why I get full so fast and have lost weight). They are supposed to call me to set up the endoscopy so I don't have a date yet. I will post that when I know

With this recent diagnosis Mark is more stressed than usual. Please say prayers for him. He has been through so much with nearly losing me in August 2007, the reconnection and the ileus and now this. It pains me that I am having all these health issues and it affects my family. I try to make things as normal as possible, keeping the house up, shopping, laundry, cooking, running errands, etc. I just hope and pray that whatever is wrong can be easily treated and this trial will end not only for me, but mostly for my men.

On a happier note, I went to the Bible bookstore and ran into Cindy, a mom I know from when the boys went to public elementary. Cindy is one of the managers at the bookstore. I was telling her that we are going to have to leave Spirit Academy and the boys will be going to public high school. She has her daughter in public high school at Foothill where the boys want to go. She said that she and her daughter are very pleased with the school and that her daughter has made a number of Christian friends there. Her encouraging words were so needed and really set my heart at ease. The Lord is so good!

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Sharon said...

I'm still praying for you and your family. Hoping that this ordeal will turn out okay.