Monday, March 16, 2009

New Jobs for Laid-Off Moms - Stay at Home

Well, the dip in the economy is working good things. I read an on-line article about moms who have lost their jobs and are for the first time, spending time with their children. Reading the article made me realize even though I am not blessed with material wealth, I am blessed that I get to stay at home with my children. Here below is part of the article by Jocelyn Noveck (Associated Press writer) that I hope will grab your interest.

NEW YORK - Soon after New Yorker Geralyn Lucas was laid off from her television job in January, she took her two-year-old son to the playroom of her apartment building. She realized she had never been there before. Within minutes she had inadvertently broken all the cleanliness rules. "I wore shoes, " confesses Lucas 41. "I brought food. I changed his diaper. I didn't know those things weren't allowed."

When she took Hayden to his playgroup at a toddler center, she had to ask the little boy for directions to his class. And when she went to the pediatrician's office, the nurses were so used to seeing the nanny that they didn't recognize Lucas.

Lucas and other laid-off women like her are involuntarily experiencing the life of a stay-at-home mom, and they are getting to know a lot more about the details of their children's daily existence. They are also discovering some of the things they have been missing.

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Sharon said...

Wouldn't it be great if more women got laid off and found out what blessings they are missing by staying home with their children? I'd rather do this than have material things, even though my girl is now all grown up, I'm enjoying being a stay at home wife!

fairmaiden said...

I've been full of hope in this economic reason has been because I've believed we will see a return of women back to the home to be full~time wives, mothers, and keepers of the cottage. Life was simpler when the men went to work and the women remained home. I believe a return to simple and a slower pace of life would be health and wholeness to us all.