Thursday, March 12, 2009

Test Results

The appointment with my bowel surgeon went well. I was more controlled this time, although I did start to well up at one point. Hate when I do that, but this whole ordeal has been hard to deal with in light of what I have already endured.

As is usual for me, the test results came out normal. No blockages or signs of narrowed bowel. However, there was something that came up to indicate there may be a possible ulcer inside my intestine and my doctor wants me to have an endoscopy done. Of all the tests I have gone through, I dread this one. I hate things being stuck down my throat. Even though my blood test came back negative for ulcer, he said there are other kinds of ulcers. What comes to my mind is endometriosis. My spells of bad pain have been coming on a cycle, usually hitting at the end of the month. Cyclical pain can be an indicator. I will just have to go through the horrid endoscopy and see if they find something (if anything...a bit of sarcasm). I also have my phone consult with my endo doctor on Monday. I will see what he thinks.

I also told my bowel doctor that I am still having issues with elimination. He suggested I take Mira Lax, but I am taking an herbal supplement that works in the same way and still having issues. I will just keep plodding along as best I can inspite of feeling like giving up.


Sue said...

Oh Becky, I am so sorry that there were no answers for you today. I know what you mean about the endoscopy. I had one once -- and once was enough! I am continuing to pray for relief, and for some concrete answers.

Candy-Faith said...

I was about to write exactly what Sue had written!
I am praying for you too. I was glad in one way that there were no negative results but on the other hand, I want you them to figure out whats going on so they can fix you.
Continually praying,
candy :)

Sharon said...

Don't they put you under light anesthesia to do the endoscopy? Enough that you don't know what's going on. I had one a few years ago and I never knew what they were doing and didn't feel anything. You might want to ask him about this.

I pray they can find an answer to your pain.

Becky said...

Thank you ladies, your prayers and support mean so very much. I am blessed beyond measure by all of you!