Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Gardening

This weekend I went to the garden center at my local home improvement store and picked up some flowers. I filled my flower pots. It sure is nice to have a bit of spring in the sunroom. Our trees in the backyard are starting to get leaves, but they still look bare. Below is a picture of a new doormat that I picked up for $5.00. Isn't it cute?

I also spent some time in my garden weeding, turning the dirt and planting pansies. I love pansies. I have a picture of my pansies in the flowerbed amongst the side pictures on the right.

This week looks pretty busy. We have our 6 month dental appointment Monday. Tuesday is Scouts. Wednesday is the orthodontist, Thursday the guys will be packing for camp and Friday they leave. It might be fun to go camping because they will be camping where I went to 6th grade camp, but they will be tent camping with temps in the 30's at night. I think I would rather stay home and sleep in my cozy warm bed.