Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Taxes Coming

Well, the California legislature passed the budget with its tax increases. I am wondering what will become of our state. To be honest, I am afraid. Mark saw his friend Bill this past week. He was laid off last October. He still has not been able to locate a job. He said, unless he wants to move out of state there are no jobs. Thankfully, Bill is single, but he is taking care of his mother so he does not want to move right now. Last night at a Bible study I ran into an old neighbor of mine and she told me that she lost her job and has not been able to find another. She said there just are not any jobs out there. She said that she is trying to rely on the Lord, but she is scared.

When I think about our government, I think of the saying "You can't get blood out of a turnip". If we do not have jobs, how can we pay our taxes? And those of us that do have jobs, will have less money in our pocket. And yet there are many people that look to the government to solve all our problems. Definitely "man" does not have the answers, only God does. It is interesting how many people are looking for a "man", I wish they would look to God.


Candy-Faith said...

LOL Yeah B. Hussain Obama is the turnip. Sorry, I couldnt resist LOL

I think the way to help solve the financial issues is for everyone to start acting and talking like there is no financial issue. I am wondering if that will work.
The reason I thought of that idea is because I think that right now, everyone is buying into the worries and recession talk so much that it is stopping everyone from spending any money at all.
But if everyone continued to act normal, the economy would pick up.
The more we say how bad it is, the worse the economy seems to get.
But like you said, we have trust the Lord eitehr way :)

Rachel Smith said...

I agree with the lady above. The more I hear on the news the economy is bad, the more I become afraid to spend my money. However, we personally on a day to day basis haven't been affected yet. Americans are starting to think that we need to save it up in order to be secure in the future.

My grandparents just sold a beautiful home right off of Sanibel Island in FL that they had no mortgage on. They are currently living with my aunt and uncle b/c my Papaw is afraid to do anything with the money. He is so convinced that it is unsafe. We do notice that it is a buyers market in housing and not a sellers market. But again everyone is afraid to spend so the sellers have to price really low in order to get it sold.

My parents own their own business selling home water softener systems. This was a profitable business for them. Now they are really struggling to the point that they just had to move the business out of their building in town and into their home. They have spent all of their own personal savings just trying to keep the business afloat. Now this month my mom is a nervous wreck. They have not been able to pay their own home mortgage or electric bill. Everyone is so afraid to spend, so no one is buying their product. It is considered a luxury. Then when they do make a sell, they are having trouble getting them financed. My parents have had to lay off every employee they had except for themselves and 2 others (about 15 in all). If people will spend, these folks can have their jobs back.

We have to keep living and spending in order to keep the economy up. We have to spend in order for jobs to be replaced!