Monday, January 19, 2009

Weather, phone & diet

Today it was tough to keep the boys on track with their studies. The sunshine and warm temps (in the 80's) makes a person want to go outside and play. It is like spring in January! Our plum tree has decided it is warm enough to sprout new leaves and my narcissus are coming up. You think I would enjoy this weather with other parts of the county freezing, but we had summer-like weather that lasted into early November. I look forward to the cooler temps and this year has been disappointing. The blessing is that we have not had to run the heater much, just a bit in the morning. That definitely helps our financial situation.

Our phone went on the fritz. It would ring, but only once or twice and then it would hang up automatically. We could call out fine, which was odd. Our phone is pretty old and was having other problems, so Mark bought a new phone for $40. He brought it home at lunch time, hoping that would fix the problem. Well, the new phone did the same thing. We were rather worried that we were going to have to call the phone company which we did not want to do. Calling them out would be $55 and then the cost of any repairs. In the afternoon I noticed that the phone kept ringing from time to time, but when I would pick it up it had a weird noise. Then magically the problem was corrected. Praise God!!!

I spent the day eating as much as I could since I will be on a liquid diet for the next two days. Amazingly, I had little pain with eating today so I was able to eat quite a lot. Tonight my stomach is a bit sore, but not too bad. The thing that has been bad is the pressure in my upper tummy & ribs. While I cooked dinner I made up a batch of jello for Tuesday. I have chicken broth, popsicles, apple juice, tonic water and of course plenty of herbal tea and water. I am not looking forward to being on liquids for two days, but with Mark joining me (he wants to lose weight) I won't feel so lonely. The worst part will be taking the laxative on Wednesday...yuck! And of course getting the barium Thursday morning will not be fun either.

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