Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank you notes

Above are thank you notes I received from my nieces. They are so precious, I had to take a picture and share them. I have six nieces and all of them are so talented. Four of them play the piano and two of them play soccer.

Tonight I witnessed an amazing feat performed by my oldest son, Eric. He ironed his scout uniform all by himself and did a wonderful job! This coming Tuesday he is going to be having a Board of Review for the rank of Life Scout. He has to wear a full uniform and look extra special nice. I am so proud that he took responsibility and got his uniform all ready.

On the health front, my pain level is still down from what it was. Something happened last weekend. I had gotten in the habit of massaging my tummy on the side that hurt so much. Well, last weekend while I was massaging I felt a pop and something moved. It felt like something released. Afterward, I experienced a burning sensation for about two days. Then I had two days of bad pain before it slowly settled down. I am thinking that part of my bowel was hung up in some scar tissue and when I massaged it broke free. Praise God! However, I am not out of the woods yet. I still experience pressure in the evenings up in my ribs, and I still am having some problems with eating. It feels like a piece of my intestine is kinked or narrowed. Certain foods go through okay, but other ones don't. When the food does not go through well, pressure builds up and it hurts. Then I start burping a lot and sometimes some of the food comes up. Hopefully, the kink will work its way out just as the other one has.


Sue said...

Lovely thank you notes. They look so girlie! I am sorry you are still experienceing so much discomfort. I had an arthritis flare up today, and I was thinking of you and praying. I will pray that the other kink will work itself out.

Candy-Faith said...

Very nice notes :)
Dear Becky, I hate that you are going thru this health issue with your bowel and everything. I am going to pray hard for you, for complete healing. Nothing, not one thing, is too big for our God to handle. Keep praying Becky and I will too.
Love Candy