Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday with my niece

Today I went to see my niece play soccer. Unfortunately, the game was called off due to rain. They called the game off as I was on my way over. My sister was at the park with my niece so I decided to take some pictures. I asked my niece to pick where she wanted me to take her picture and she picked the goal. She is a very good soccer player and this is her 3rd year playing. I am proud of her. My other sister came for the game also, so we decided we would all go out to lunch. Even though I was in pain most of the visit, I really enjoyed myself, especially the special time I had with my niece.

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fairmaiden said...

I haven't been over to visit for a while. That picture 'snow rose' is so lovely. It speaks to my heart. Is it from your gardens?

My daughter(3rd child) just started attending our public H.S. this semester. She's a sophmore and is my first child to attend public school. I have two who already graduated H.S. homeschooled all their lives. I love homeschooling but always gave my children the option to attend school if they wanted. I am still homeschooling my 'baby', he will graduate 8th gr. with the Christian Academy we homeschool under this June. Then he too, wants to go to our local public H.S. So far, it's been a wonderful experience. We live in the Historical Old Towne part of our city so the H.S. they are attending was established in 1892. Which gives it a small town feel. Hope all is going well, with your homeschooling.