Monday, January 26, 2009

Weary Traveler

I am thinking of the economy of our country. All the people without jobs, or people that have lost savings, etc. Stores that have been around since I was a child are no longer. Circuit City, where Mark and I bought our first microwave oven, is liquidating. Home Depot and Sprint have announced they are going to be letting people go. I know our friend who got laid off in October 2008, still has not found a job. In the paper I saw the headline "State jobless rate hits 15 year high". As I drive around town I drive by empty stores and empty houses. We are hit ourselves, especially when the gas prices were so high. And then no longer being able to afford private school. These are definitely hard times and I wonder how much worse it will get.

On top of that, I continue to struggle with my health. Last week when I did the fasting for the barium enema x-ray I noticed that it felt better not to eat. My pain level went way down and I actually relaxed and was sleeping more. Now that I am back eating I am miserable. Constant pain. Last night I had another one of my episodes where I bloated up and started retaining water. Those episodes scare me. I get thristy and drink, but I retain all the water. I could not sleep and was feeling ill. I got up and took a laxative and thankfully that helped relieve the pressure, but then I eat and it comes back. And I am only eating mostly soup and salad. My husband is afraid for me not to eat, especially since I am so skinny. He says I need to keep eating to be healthy. I know he is right so I keep eating despite the pain of it all. I see my doctor next week, but right now it feels like an eternity to wait.


Candy-Faith said...

Thanks for the collage info. I made one and am still trying to decide if I like it LOL Im a little sick of pink lately and pink is in most of my photos. I need to take more pictures of my home, without pink items in it.

About this post... I will be praying for you. Im so sorry you are going thru this. I suffer with some stomach issues from time to time and it can be severe and intense so I can only imagine what you must be going thru. I worry about you and I think you need to get to your doctor sooner. Maybe call and ask them if there is any way you can get in tomorrow, tell them it is urgent and explain that you cant eat and the pain your in. GIve them tons of details and Im sure they will try to fit you in sooner.

hugs to you

fairmaiden said...

I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I remember when I was really sick and couldn't eat and kept losing weight...I know what it is like to feel better not to eat, but then you have no energy. And I always felt like I was going to die. It caused me to be in such a broken place that I was so sensitive to everything, so sensitive to God. Daily life was very slow, praying without ceasing for health and wholeness and LIFE. I sense that you are in that kind of place. All I can think to tell you is...He is very near you...nearer than the air you breath...He knows what He is has purpose for His kingdom...continue to lean on Him...cling to His Word, like "never will I leave you or forsake you" and "I have loved you with an everlasting love"...remain hidden in His wounded side...enveloped in His intimate embrace...He alone is our HOPE...wait on Him the ONE who loves you like no other the ONE who calls you His own. I will be praying dear one.

Thank you for sending me that snow rose pic. I'm not sure how to get it. I couldn't figure my gmail out. And I didn't see it on your blog anymore. If you could maybe post it on your blog again, I could save it in my picture files. Thank you's such a pretty picture.