Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Present

I got an early Christmas present this week. When you have children, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected, but sometimes we just are not. Wednesday morning I needed to go over to the medical center to pick up my packet of contrast for my CT scan. It was a home school day for my sons, so they were home. Being teenagers they do not like to go with Mom anywhere unless they absolutely have to. They wanted to stay home and continue working on their studies. Well, I was not going to be gone long, so I let them stay home. My oldest son was on "my" computer writing an essay for English class. I asked him to behave himself and not go on the internet. He promised he would be good.

Okay, I got over to the medical center, picked up my packet and was on my way home when I got a call on my cell phone. It was my son and he told me the computer crashed. I knew immediately that he had broken his promise. I hoped that it would be simple to remedy, but unfortunately it was not. Even my husband, who works in computers, could not get our computer running properly again. Our son had a computer of his own at one time, but he crashed it. Motherly love let him use mine.

With things being so bad, my husband decided to buy me a new Christmas present. He has been working diligently getting it all set up for me. He is such a wonderful man! He is also going to work on my old computer (it is only 4 years old) and try to get it running enough that both boys can use it for typing school papers. No internet! I talked to another mother who has 2 sons, all grown now. She said that when her sons were teenagers they would come home from school and get on her computer while she was a work. She said they crashed her computer about 3 times. As grown adults, her sons are very successful and they work with computers. ;-)

Okay, back to my doctor appointment stuff. I went to my GP and my bladder infection is gone. Yeah! My eating is still improving and I really have much to praise God for. The CT scan went well, except for my age old problem of them having difficulty finding a vein. The dear nurses were so sweet, I did not have any reason to complain. However, I will complain about the contrast because it has upset my tummy. And my poor husband who just got over being sick, has caught another bug. Ugh!

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Candy-Faith said...

Praying for you..hope your husband gets well soon too.
Big hugs,
Candy :)