Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas at the Cottage

Merry December greetings to all! Here is a little bit of Christmas at my cottage. I made the wreath years ago. The pink cranberry vase is an antique from my grandmother. I love it so much. Then I have pretty gold angels and then the one with a pink cloth backing.

This is another of my grandmother's vases graced with red flowers and a Christmas doily underneath. We do not have our tree up yet. We usually get that up closer to Christmas because we always get a live tree. Mark cannot stand the artificial trees, he has to have a live one. The fresh pine scent is always wonderful.

Today I was blessed with helping a new homeschooling mom. Her son is new to our school and has made friends with my son, Eric. She had her son in a public school, but he was being persecuted by fellow students for being a Christian. It was so bad that she had to take him out of school and the Lord led her to our school. I am very happy that they have come because Eric likes her son very much, they hit it off immediately.

On the health front, I am not having anymore terrible stomach aches like I was. I am very much amazed by this. I am having some trouble with bloating and things are still not quite to my liking yet, but I am improving. Thursday I have an appointment with my GP to check if the infection is gone from my bladder. Then on Friday I am set to have a CT scan on my bowel. Mark is going to take that day off from work. It will be very nice to have his company. I do not want to do the scan, but Mark says I should. He wants to make sure I am going to be alright. I will be glad when it is over with.


Sharon said...

I love your decorations! The vases are so pretty. :)

I know you must be so tired of going to doctors and having tests, but I'm praying all is well and you will continue to recover fully.

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

Beautiful vases! I love to have things given to me by family. Great things to pass on and keep in the family.

I will be praying for you and your tests. I hope that you get some more relief soon.

Candy-Faith said...

Everything is really pretty!
I will pray for you too,